Compulsory notice from 12 April 2018

according to Article 17 MAR of the Regulation (EU) No 596/2014

Fielmann AG sets the course for the future, appoints Marc Fielmann as additional CEO

The Supervisory Board has appointed, in its session on 12 April 2018, Executive Board member Marc Fielmann as an additional Chief Executive Officer (Section 84 paragraph 2 of the German Stock Corporation Act). In the future Fielmann AG will be led by two Chief Executive Officers (Co-CEO structure). The management contract of Mr Marc Fielmann has been extended for another three years. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board has been commissioned to adjust the compensation of both Chief Executive Officers so that the new Co-CEO-structure does not increase the overall compensation of the Executive Board.

The by-laws of the Executive Board of Fielmann AG have been amended accordingly. Günther Fielmann retains the authority over strategic decisions and the overarching responsibility whereas Marc Fielmann will be in charge of the executive leadership of Fielmann AG.

With the appointment of Marc Fielmann as Co-CEO Fielmann has implemented another important step in the generational succession of the family business.

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