Preliminary results of Fielmann AG as at 30 June 2021

HY1 2021 sales increased by +29%, profit surged by approximately +150%

Accelerated by declining coronavirus incidences, the success of vaccination programs and investments in the digitisation and internationalisation of the business, the Fielmann Group’s recovery gained pace in Q2 2021 across all major markets. Our sales and profits grew by double digits over last year.

HY1 2021 (preliminary results)

External sales, including VAT and changes in inventories, increased by +29% to € 919 million (previous year: € 712.7 million). Group sales rose +29% to € 790 million (previous year: € 610.8 million). We expect profit before taxes (EBT) to have risen by approximately +150% to around € 95 million (previous year: € 37.5 million).

Vision 2025
Fielmann drives its Vision 2025, invests more than 100 million € p.a. in the extension of its channel network as well as the digitisation and the internationalisation of its enterprise. HY1 2021 saw the deployment of our patented e-commerce solution for prescription eyewear with the soft launch of our new app in Germany that will be made available to an increasing number of customers. And our omnichannel platform continues to be rolled out internationally: During the last weeks Fielmann entered the 16th market in Continental Europe by launching its e-commerce platform and opening several stores in the Czech Republic.

Based on the swift recovery during the course of the first half of 2021, we expect for the full year external sales of about €1.9 billion (previous year: €1.6 billion), group sales of circa €1.7 billion (previous year: €1.4 billion) and a pre-tax profit of around €200 million (previous year: €175.5 million). This prognosis is contingent on the assumption that no major, coronavirus-related restrictions will impact our business during the course of the year.

Hamburg, 08 July 2021

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